Can You Install A Water Well On Your Own?

Can You Install A Water Well On Your Own?

In the olden times, wells were dug using picks and shovels. This means a lot of backbreaking work and depending on the locations; you may or may not even find clean water. Some locations would require extra deep digging to find enough water but that amount of backbreaking work is not something that everyone would love to do. Even if water is a necessity, many people don’t have the resources to dig deep enough for water.

In our current times, wells are usually drilled. If you are familiar with oil drilling, this is the same thing, only smaller. A drill bit is lowered into the well hole and the motor is turned on to drive into the ground. Water is then pumped into the pump to flush out the dirt and sand below ground.

For people who want their own wells, one of the main problems is the cost of drilling. If you are thinking of drilling your own water well, you need to have some deep pockets. Drillings can cost up to several thousand dollars or more, also depends on many factors. Things such as location and amount of water filtration cycles needed heavily influence the total cost of the well drilling.

Because of the potential cost of well drilling, some people choose to drill their own wells. The laws vary from state to state but most states allow people to put up their own wells. Some states would require permits but for most of them, as long as you’re doing the work yourself, there is no permit requirement. Here’s the thing though, you aren’t allowed to pay someone to help you with the work or you’ll be fined for working without a permit. It’s a weird thing but it’s the law.

You can actually put a well in just about any location. Your main concern when water drilling is determining which location provides the easiest access of water. Keeping this in mind would lessen the work needed for the whole process. Groundwater is actually common in the country but it can easily be contaminated by many elements if it’s placed improperly. You can find many sources regarding water well drilling but most of them only contain limited amount of knowledge regarding the topic. Make sure to read the guidelines to avoid any contaminated water source.

Water is commonly found between sand and coal layers in the ground. The secret to having a great well is to go deep enough to find one of those sandy layers and set up your well there. You can find water in as little as 20 feet below ground, unless you’re living in an uncommon area.

When digging on your own, you will notice several layers of sand – each one is separate from the others. The water coming from different layers will have different minerals and elements. Though it is possible to get water in shallow ground, it is better to get water from deep underground. Deep wells are at least 70 feet deep while shallow wells are less than 30 feet deep.

While you can dig your own well, it is certainly not recommended in this day and age. It would require a lot of man-hours especially if done manually. Unless you don’t have work, that is an inefficient waste of time. What you can do is to just hire someone to do professional well drilling for you. Just search for the cheapest and best option if you’re main concern is the cost.


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