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The Many Benefits of Water Well Drilling

The Many Benefits of Water Well Drilling

Water is essential in our lives. It is probably the most important resource we have. Unfortunately, many people are still finding it difficult to have access to stable water supply. This makes their everyday life a struggle. We live in a modern age and this is something that is simply unacceptable. All of us should have access to clean water, that much is true. Fortunately, there are many ways in which we can get stable water source for our households.

For people living in remote areas

Surprisingly, many people especially those who live in remote areas still rely on daily water deliveries. They rely on their day-to-day deliveries to sustain their need for water. This kind of arrangement can be quite difficult because they are essentially at the mercy of the company that is delivering their water. This is, in a way, very different for people who have access to running water through a water distribution system. In a water distribution system, every household will have access to the water through tubes on their home. In a water delivery system, they don’t have access to water instantly and will need to call a company whenever they run out of it. This is an archaic system that is both unreliable and out of the norm. There’s just too many things that can go wrong with a day-to-day water delivery system.

Fortunately, there is a way to get stable water for people outside of the metro. They can dig a well near their home and have access to stable water. They can still use the water delivery system if they want to. The water well can serve as a supplement to their existing water supply. This makes the risk for water shortage smaller.

Water well drilling benefits

For people who have a piece of land, which is the norm for people living in remote areas, they can easily get their own water supply by water well drilling. Water well drilling will make it possible for anyone to have access to stable water. The primary advantage of this is they can have their own water supply without relying on some unreliable delivery system.

Drill a well that is deep enough and you will have access to unlimited water supply all year-round. Of course, the depth of the well is dependent on many factors but once you have a well, your water needs will be fulfilled quite easily.

Hiring a water well drilling company

You can find a water well drilling company using the internet. Just type ‘water well drilling + your city’ on any search engine and you will be presented with a list of companies that provides this service. All you have to do is decide which one to take. Read reviews if you can to ensure quality work and good customer service.

Getting Your Own Water Well – How To Do It Right?

Getting Your Own Water Well – How To Do It Right?

Before drilling for water, it is important to find the right location. It should be a priority since drilling is an expensive undertaking. You must be almost a 100% sure that there is water under whatever it is you’re drilling to make it worth it. So before any drilling ever happens, you need to do you research. Finding the perfect location is crucial as it could cost you thousands of dollars. If you don’t end up finding a water source, all those expenses would just be for nothing.

If you don’t know how to find groundwater sources for your own well, you need to seek help from professionals. Experienced groundwater surveyors will find the perfect spot in your property to drill in. However, there are times where 100% certainty is impossible. In such cases, they will tell you the probability of finding groundwater under your property. If the probability is high enough for you, you can proceed with the drilling.

Most of the properties of homeowners don’t have groundwater under it. This means that it would be impossible for many homeowners to get their own water source. However, if you truly want your own water well, there’s something that can be done about that. Some would say that if you dig deep enough, you will find a groundwater source. This is somewhat true. However, not many homeowners are willing to do it. Deep drilling is expensive and not many homeowners could afford it.

Seek advice from professionals

The best thing you can do as a homeowner is to seek advice from professionals. You must understand that you don’t know well enough about well drilling to determine if your property is suitable for it. That being the case, you need help from professionals.

Experienced groundwater surveyors will help you with the following:

  • Find the right spot for water well drilling
  • Determine the depth of the aquifer (the shallower the better)
  • Estimate the water supply at the base of the aquifer

Most water well drilling companies provide their own surveyors if you hire them. Once their surveyors have determined the perfect place to drill into, they will begin drilling. Of course, this is only done with your permission.

There are many benefits in having your own water source. You can never know when will you need it. Some homeowners would get their own water well only as a backup in case their main water supply runs out. We live in interesting times where our climate is becoming harder to predict. An alternative or extra supply of water will definitely go a long way.

For more information about water well drilling, visit this site often. We will post informative articles here when we can.

The Importance of Owning a Water Well

The Importance of Owning a Water Well

There are many uses for water wells. Wells are used mostly for drinking water along with a slew of other important reasons. Wells are pretty important because they give access to water, which is very important to us humans. The most modern and efficient way to get a well today is to dig one using water well drilling.

This type of drilling involves the use of rig systems to reach the aquifer. There are many types of rig systems that you can choose from, each offering different functions. What type of drilling you need to use is highly dependent on the terrain you are drilling on. A terrain that is composed of bedrock a few hundred feet deep needs a powerful drilling system to successfully reach the aquifer beneath. An aquifer that isn’t very deep does not require much power at all and even a moderately powered drilling system is enough. Of course, more powerful drills cost more as they have higher operating cost.

The rig for the drill will be brought upon by the well drilling company. If the rig is big, it will be brought to the site using a truck. The drills will then be assembled on site. But before the drilling can start, the aquifer must be located first. It is unwise to drill a hole into the earth without knowing if you have access to clean water beneath it. A well drilling company will have an equipment to determine and locate the aquifer to ensure that their drilling rig will reach it. It is also important because they want the easiest path to access the water to reduce operating cost.

It is relatively easy to find a well drilling company. Back then, you need to search for drilling company manually and ask around before you can find something that is willing to do a drilling for you. Today, with the use of the internet you can easily find a company willing to dig a well for you. Because of how our climate is changing, water is becoming and even more important part of our lives. If you can own your own well, it is going to safeguard you from any disaster that may happen to your main water provider.

Make no mistake though, you aren’t entirely protected from drought. A drought can still affect the water level on your well. It’s just that you have many options for your water supply and this will make your life easier in case there’s an emergency. If you need a well inside your property, feel free to call us at 330-538-8772.

Can You Install A Water Well On Your Own?

Can You Install A Water Well On Your Own?

In the olden times, wells were dug using picks and shovels. This means a lot of backbreaking work and depending on the locations; you may or may not even find clean water. Some locations would require extra deep digging to find enough water but that amount of backbreaking work is not something that everyone would love to do. Even if water is a necessity, many people don’t have the resources to dig deep enough for water.

In our current times, wells are usually drilled. If you are familiar with oil drilling, this is the same thing, only smaller. A drill bit is lowered into the well hole and the motor is turned on to drive into the ground. Water is then pumped into the pump to flush out the dirt and sand below ground.

For people who want their own wells, one of the main problems is the cost of drilling. If you are thinking of drilling your own water well, you need to have some deep pockets. Drillings can cost up to several thousand dollars or more, also depends on many factors. Things such as location and amount of water filtration cycles needed heavily influence the total cost of the well drilling.

Because of the potential cost of well drilling, some people choose to drill their own wells. The laws vary from state to state but most states allow people to put up their own wells. Some states would require permits but for most of them, as long as you’re doing the work yourself, there is no permit requirement. Here’s the thing though, you aren’t allowed to pay someone to help you with the work or you’ll be fined for working without a permit. It’s a weird thing but it’s the law.

You can actually put a well in just about any location. Your main concern when water drilling is determining which location provides the easiest access of water. Keeping this in mind would lessen the work needed for the whole process. Groundwater is actually common in the country but it can easily be contaminated by many elements if it’s placed improperly. You can find many sources regarding water well drilling but most of them only contain limited amount of knowledge regarding the topic. Make sure to read the guidelines to avoid any contaminated water source.

Water is commonly found between sand and coal layers in the ground. The secret to having a great well is to go deep enough to find one of those sandy layers and set up your well there. You can find water in as little as 20 feet below ground, unless you’re living in an uncommon area.

When digging on your own, you will notice several layers of sand – each one is separate from the others. The water coming from different layers will have different minerals and elements. Though it is possible to get water in shallow ground, it is better to get water from deep underground. Deep wells are at least 70 feet deep while shallow wells are less than 30 feet deep.

While you can dig your own well, it is certainly not recommended in this day and age. It would require a lot of man-hours especially if done manually. Unless you don’t have work, that is an inefficient waste of time. What you can do is to just hire someone to do professional well drilling for you. Just search for the cheapest and best option if you’re main concern is the cost.


Living In Rural Area – Do I Need My Own Water Well?

Living In Rural Area – Do I Need My Own Water Well?

People living in urban communities have treated water piped in to their homes which makes them not think about their water supply that much. Unfortunately for some people living in rural areas, the same thing can’t be said. Many rural residents still have no access to treated water pipes which makes their lives a bit harder. Some people need to have their own water well to ensure a safe and constant supply of water.

It’s actually quite easy to find a water well drilling company using the internet. The hard part is finding a source of clean and fresh groundwater. If you have located a groundwater source, you will save a lot of money because it will be discounted to the cost of the drilling. The usual drilling procedure is made by searching your area for groundwater by drilling. They may drill several times before they find a source that is near your location. If you’ve located a groundwater, it will mean less time for their work which is why they would give you a big discount.

Groundwater comes from the rain, melted snow or hail that seeps through the soil until the water reach a saturation point. When the saturation point is reached, the water will form a water table which may be a few feet beneath the ground, or deeper depending the soil. Usually, the water is fresh but there are times where it becomes polluted. The only thing you can do to ensure that it is safe to drink is to test it or have some professionals test it for you. Almost all water drillers are equipped with testing kit to help determine if the water is clean or not.

There are many factors that determine the type of water well drilling which will be used. It is important to know the soil quality, chemicals, soil minerals, and many more. Testing the water and the soil above it will determine if the water will be safe to drink for many years to come. Some soil types have many mineral deposits that can destroy or damage pipes which can make the water polluted. Specialized pipes may be used in this instance. While soft water is preferred, it is not always available so you have to make do with what you have. Luckily, water treatment systems can be added to your water well to improve the quality of your water, making it soft and safe for consumption.

If you are considering water well drilling, you need to contact us at Akron Well Drilling at 330-538-8772. We have been in this business for many years – our expertise on this field is unrivaled. We have clients all over the United States which includes farmers, home owners, land developers, municipalities, and more.